Thursday, March 6, 2014

Robetha Fariss Honored at Regional BB Tourney

Robetha Fariss was recently honored as the B.I.S.O.N. Mentor of the Year recipient at the Regional Basketball Tournament hosted by Leedey.  In front of a packed gym, Robetha was recognized by Beverly Woodrome, the mentor coordinator for the David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative Program, as well as our State Representative, Mike Sanders.  Robetha's mentee, Chassidy was present, as well as Tony, who was the late Ted Fariss' mentee.  Both mentees were presented a STEM kit, donated by Beverly, in honor of Ted Fariss.  The kit will hopefully be used with other mentees in the program who are interested in Science, Technology, Electronics, and Math.  We are very thankful to both Beverly and Mike for making the trip out to Leedey to share in our recognition and remembrance of two outstanding mentors.  Again, Congratulations Robetha!!




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