Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Mentoring Banquet
Alton Carter, author of "The Boy Who Carried Bricks" was the speaker at our mentoring banquet.  Mr. Carter is the Methodist Youth Director at Stillwater.  The book is about his challenging life growing up in the foster care system and the struggles and conflicts he has had with his family.  Mr. Carter moved us all emotionally and challenged us to keep showing up and making a difference.  He spent the entire day at the school, talking to our students and doing various hands on activities with them.  Mr. Carter is an excellent example of someone who can succeed in spite of difficult situations, and we so appreciate the time he shared with us. 
Kaysa Carpenter sang and entertained us, while Rib Crib catered our meal.  A special thank you to our older mentees and to Betsy James for helping serve. 
A special recognition plaque was given to Mrs. Jeanne Craig for her services on the B.I.S.O.N. Mentoring Board of Directors.  Unfortunately, Jeanne passed away shortly after the banquet.  Her wisdom and upbeat, can-do attitiude will be greatly missed.  We are appreciative of the time she served with us and the guidance she showed in helping us create the B.I.S.O.N Mentoring Program. We love and miss you Jeanne.

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