Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Mentoring Banquet

     As the school year wraps up, so does our time to mentor with the Leedey kids.  The board and I want to again thank all who participated this year, and we hope that everyone enjoyed at least some small part of their mentoring experience.  I know that the mentees certainly benefited from the experiences and alsways looked forward to time spent with their mentors each and every week. 
     Our second annual B.I.S.O.N. Mentoring Banquet went off without a hitch and was deemed a success by all.  I think those that were able to attend enjoyed the wonderful meal catered by The Cattle Exchange from Canadian, Tx.  All bellies seemed full that evening.  :)  Chassidy did a great job entertaining us with her special song that Lake Carpenter spent countless hours helping her prepare.  Our speaker, Brian Hunter, did an oustanding job and humbled all of us by showing his emotional vulnerability when he spoke about his mentor memories from his childhood.  Brian also shared with me that he was ablte to raise a signifigant amount of money for his non-profit organization, Strong to the Finish.  Brian was overwhelmed by the generosity of a few donors.  On behalf of Brian, thank-you for being moved to do that! 
     Overall, it was a super evening that we were all able to share and enjoy.  In my opinion, it just solidifies why this program is so very important, and why we need to continue to do whatever is necessary to keep it going.

     The following are some pictures from that night.  Hope you enjoy them!!  :)




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